It is to the air that I dedicate myself 2018
graphite on paper
12 drawings, 26 x 17 cm each

The French pilot Raymonde de Laroche was the first woman to be awarded a pilot’s licence and was instrumental in the development and testing of early powered aircraft. An actress, artist and sportswoman, de Laroche set herself apart from her contemporaries with her ethereal and poetic relationship to flying, stating shortly before her death (in a flying accident) ‘It is to the air that I dedicate myself’.

 This work is based on one photograph of de Laroche from 1919 - her death scene.

 This work consists of 12 drawings, each drawing incrementally zooms in on the original, recording details and challenging the power relationship implied in the photograph. In this instance, drawing transforms the original from representation to abstraction reflecting de Laroche’s ethereal sensibility.